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beyond bypass.

High-producing cows should live up to their potential. But many times they're not and that hurts your bottom line. Too much of the protein you feed your herd may be breaking down in the rumen. You need more protein to be digested in your cows' intestines where it is most effective in promoting milk production. By limiting protein breakdown in the rumen and providing a desirable profile of amino acids, you may be able to lower total crude protein in the ration and thereby reduce total feed costs. With SoyPlus®, bypass proteins deliver the amino acids cows need to achieve a higher performance, saving money and increasing the efficiency of your herd.

Introduced to the dairy industry as a high quality bypass protein in 1984, SoyPlus quickly became recognized as the gold standard of dairy nutrition because of its quality and consistency.

Supported by dozens of scientific studies and upheld by stringent production and quality control measures, SoyPlus has earned a reputation for providing consistent, quality results, a reputation it still holds today.

SoyPlus is manufactured using an all-natural, mechanical expeller process.

ISO 9001

The SoyPlus manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management standard. With its ISO 9001 certification, West Central has proven that it follows and meets the requirements of the standard.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

HACCP certification ensures that the process is evaluated for biological, chemical, and physical hazards. This evaluation includes procurement, raw material receiving, production, storage, and shipment of product. If there are areas in the process where biological, chemical, or physical hazards could enter or exist, actions are taken to reduce or eliminate these risks. This provides greater confidence that our feed is safe.

Quality & Consistency

Every batch of SoyPlus we produce follows the same production process which includes ingredient checks, process monitoring, in house production testing and external laboratory testing. The consistency in the SoyPlus production processes guarantees our customers a quality product every time. With more than 400 different monitoring points, SoyPlus proteins consistently achieve maximum rumen bypass and 93% intestinal digestibility.

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